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Minimalist Roadside Mount


Is your house far back from the road? We’re into that, which is why we made the Minimalist Roadside Mount. Designed to be compatible with any of our house numbers.

1) Dig a hole to the desired depth (we recommend about 18")
2) Place the mount inside the hole and fill it back up while making sure that the mount stays level.

If you’d like the installation to be more secure and permanent we recommend that you use concrete to fill the hole.

Crafted from powder coated aluminum.

Recommended for addresses with 1–3 numbers, though 4 numbers will fit.

Dimensions: 14" x 2" x 64"(46" visible)

If you'd like to have your roadside mount customized with your family name (or anything else) please contact us for details.

Your name can be placed at the top of the sign, or on the sides.

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